Curriculum Vitae

_Diploma in Audio Engineering with Honours

_Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology_London, ON_2007-08

_Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Philosophy
_Dalhousie University_Halifax, NS_2002- 06


_Dialogue Editor/Mix Engineer
_The Accessible Channel

_Sound Designer
_Valdez Peninsula_Mark Fiorillo_director/producer


_Sound Designer
_Going Outside_Mark Fiorillo_director/producer

_Sound Designer/Sound Mixer
_Dream Girl_Mark Forler_director/producer


_Sound Designer/Sound Mixer
_Lay Back and Think of England_Kyle David Trotter_writer/director

_Sound Designer/Sound Mixer/Composer
_Breakaway_Mark Fiorillo_writer/director

_Sound Designer/Sound Mixer/Composer
_Two Steps Back Towards the Front_Kyle David Trotter_writer/director

_Boom Op
_Shanti Baba-Ram and the Dancers of Hope_CFC 35mm short_Heidi T. Yang-Producer_Steven Rosenberg_director

_Boom Op
_Lucky 7_Tara Boire_ producer_Steven Hayes_director


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